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Implementation status report: CNG and biogas in municipal fleets in Palma

This deliverable contains a description of the completed activities of the CIVITAS DYN@MO measure P2.1 “CNG and biogas in municipal fleets” that has been implemented in Palma de Mallorca. These activities have kicked off a long-term energy strategy within EMAYA, Palma’s municipal company responsible for water treatment and water distribution as well as for waste collection and street cleaning, which is also described in this document. During the DYN@MO project the use of CNG (compress natural gas) as a fuel for waste collection vehicles in Palma has become a reality. The first vehicles have been either acquired or converted from already existing diesel vehicles. Also, a CNG filling station has been built inside the EMAYA premises during the DYN@MO project, and it started operating using fossil CNG in the beginning of 2016. In the meantime, tests and accurate planning have been carried out in order to soon start producing high quality biogas from wastewater. This is actually the core of the clean energy strategy of EMAYA because it will make possible to reduce the external dependency on fuels thanks to the conversion of waste mud from Palma’s sewerage into a biofuel. In parallel, and under the umbrella of DYN@MO measure P2.2 “Electric vehicles in municipal fleets”, electric vehicles have also been introduced during DYN@MO for specific waste collection purposes (small vehicles that are very suitable for the old town type of streets).

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