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Big Messages: Lessons for co-creative mobility initiatives in neighbourhoods

A new brochure has been published on "big messages" of co-creation, capturing the lessons learned from four H2020 projects - Cities-4-People, METAMORPHOSIS, CIVITAS SUNRISE, and LOOPER. The first three are/were projects under the CIVITAS Initiative.

All of these projects engaged in co-creation to develop sustainable mobility solutions at the neighbourhood level:

  • Cities-4-People took a bottom-up and open-ended approach to identifying mobility problems and co-creating solutions and implementations in five European cities.
  • METAMORPHOSIS applied co-creation with children to develop novel and innovative pilots that stemmed from youthful imagination.
  • LOOPER applied learning loops to the co-creative process to foster iterative feedback that informed each stage of design and implementation, and 
  • SUNRISE developed “neighbourhood mobility labs” as a way to apply co-creation in Sustainable Neighbourhood Mobility Planning.

Find out why neighbourhood mobility provides such a strong foundation for pursuing co-creation – people have a deep knowledge of their own neighbourhood, and a huge stake in ensuring the quality and safety of the spaces they inhabit and move through in daily life.