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CIVITAS Case Study - Demand management strategies to improve urban mobility in Bologna

Demand management strategies can reduce traffic through a variety of economic incentives, regulatory measures and modern communication technologies. Strategies for demand versus supply management are one of the arrowheads of Bologna’s current traffic policies. As part of the CIVITAS Initiative, the city has tested a range of demand management measures to explore the merit of different initiatives and share lessons learned. These include access restrictions, road pricing, parking policies and marketing campaigns.

CIVITAS Case Study - Clean vehicles for a cleaner city in Bologna

Sustainable mobility contributes to improved air quality. In addition to measures designed to encourage modal shift, a comprehensive strategy should also consider activities aimed at increasing the use of alternative fuels and cleaner, more energy-efficient vehicles. Within CIVITAS Plus, Bologna has tested innovative strategies and equipment to demonstrate the advantages offered by cleaner vehicles. Results relating to public transport and the private vehicle fleet have been very positive. These measures could represent an effective case for transfer to other cities.

CIVITAS Case Study - Influencing travel behaviour and modal choice in Brighton & Hove

Brighton & Hove City Council carried out three travel planning projects as part of the CIVITAS ARCHIMEDES project. School travel plans focused on helping children and their parents travel to and from school in a safe, practical, sustainable and enjoyable way. Commuter travel plans focused on working with local organisations/businesses to put in place measures to encourage members of staff to travel to, from and within work in a sustainable way.

CIVITAS Case Study - Testing the Air in Brighton & Hove

This measure involved the use of static and mobile air quality monitoring equipment to record and analyse ambient air quality. The data was displayed in real time in schools
participating in the project; and used as the basis for an educational initiative on the effects of emissions and pollution.


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