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CIVITAS Case Study - New ticketing system in Coimbra

Coimbra wants to make public transport faster, more comfortable, and easier to use. The city has realised that it is paramount to launch a new ticketing system that covers several transport operators and uses technology that allows for contactless validation. Moreover, the new ticketing system offers a wider range of products and makes fraud control more reliable. The main aim of the measure is to attract new public transport users by achieving greater technical reliability, greater integration, greater interoperability, and greater intermodality.

CIVITAS Case Study - Promoting quality and integrated public transport in Brescia

The objective of this group of measures was to strengthen intermodality among different public transport (PT) modes through the integrated ticketing systems. The measures
included research and demonstration activities, in order to better prototype and implement the e-ticketing system in Brescia. These activities, partly tasked with identifying the

CIVITAS Case Study - Intelligent transport systems for better urban mobility in Bologna

In dense urban areas, public space is an important resource that often a source of conflict between different users. In recent years, the Municipality of Bologna has deployed a mobility strategy strongly focused on the use of intelligent transport systems (ITS) for traffic regulation and enforcement. These are considered fundamental for an effective implementation of mobility policies. A new platform has been introduced to collect, integrate and elaborate data coming from ITS infrastructure in the city, transmitting information in real time on the traffic situation to citizens.

CIVITAS Case Study - Demand management strategies to improve urban mobility in Bologna

Demand management strategies can reduce traffic through a variety of economic incentives, regulatory measures and modern communication technologies. Strategies for demand versus supply management are one of the arrowheads of Bologna’s current traffic policies. As part of the CIVITAS Initiative, the city has tested a range of demand management measures to explore the merit of different initiatives and share lessons learned. These include access restrictions, road pricing, parking policies and marketing campaigns.


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