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Result pub.

CIVITAS Case Study - Towards virtual mobility in Perugia

Due to its geographic position and characteristics, the historic city centre of Perugia is not easily accessible.However, all of the main public bodies and their offices are located within the city centre where, prior to the implementation of the measure, citizens were obliged to go to in order to deal with administrative issues. The objective of the trip avoidance strategy scheme was to design internet accessible public services, reducing travel needs, and lowering the environmental impact, providing both citizens and socially disadvantaged groups with easier access to services.

CIVITAS Case Study - Sustainable freight logistics in Ljubljana

Freight logistics in cities are an important part of sustainable transport planning. Optimising delivery of goods can significantly contribute to reduced costs and reduced environmental impact, leading to improved quality of life in the city. Within CIVITAS, Ljubljana worked on the promotion of sustainable freight transport planning. By analysing the current situation, the problems were identified, new sustainable solutions were proposed and further benefits were demonstrated, including a computer simulation model.

CIVITAS Case Study - Leave your car at home for a night out in Ghent

The City of Ghent sought to achieve a modal shift towards more sustainable transport modes for trips to cultural events. It encouraged event organisers to make efforts in regard to sustainable mobility management and to establish promotion campaigns targeted at visitors.

CIVITAS Case Study - Integrated e-ticketing system in Craiova

Craiova’s public transport system was designed in line with the CIVITAS and MODERN project’s vision. It is an integrated system with three components: e-ticketing, video surveillance, and public transport fleet management. The real time information provided by the system is processed in the traffic management centre of RAT, the local transport company. The three structures are closely connected as they share a large part of the hardware and communication architecture. The on-board control units ensure the best performance and have proven to be an excellent technological solution.


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