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CIVITAS Case Study - Citizen voices in the mobility dialogue in Zagreb

Citizen involvement in the policy process was at the core of Zagreb’s mobility activities within CIVITAS. The objectives were manifold: raise citizen interest on and understanding of mobility issues; encourage them to actively contribute to the improvement of local mobility conditions; and teach them how to best communicate with the authorities to make their voice heard.

CIVITAS Case Study - Streets designed for sustainable mobility in Vitoria-Gasteiz

The superblock model is the centre piece of the Sustainable Mobility and Public Space Plan of Vitoria-Gasteiz, developed in 2009 to free up space occupied by private cars in neighbourhoods and return it to the people. All street refurbishments carried out in the last years have applied the superblock model. A superblock is a geographical space that covers several city blocks. Vitoria-Gasteiz has reorganised the whole city into 68 superblocks. Private cars and public transport are kept outside of the superblocks, and the inner streets are redesigned to be used mainly by pedestrians.

CIVITAS Case Study - Development of a waterborne public transport system in Szczecinek

Szczecinek is situated on the edge of a lake, providing an opportunity to introduce waterborne transport. The introduction of a mobility service that promotes water transport as a new and energy-efficient transport mode was developed as a way to promote a less cardependent lifestyle.

CIVITAS Case Study - Towards virtual mobility in Perugia

Due to its geographic position and characteristics, the historic city centre of Perugia is not easily accessible.However, all of the main public bodies and their offices are located within the city centre where, prior to the implementation of the measure, citizens were obliged to go to in order to deal with administrative issues. The objective of the trip avoidance strategy scheme was to design internet accessible public services, reducing travel needs, and lowering the environmental impact, providing both citizens and socially disadvantaged groups with easier access to services.


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