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Result pub.

CIVITAS Case Study – Mobile mobility information in Porto

During CIVITAS Plus, Porto aimed to develop a decision making tool for public transport, in order to help people plan trips based on the real time information of different operators. Such a tool and information is now available through mobile phones and other geo-referenced mobile equipment. Users can now select the best combination of routes and modes for their journey. The information is also available on LCD displays located inside institutions, such as hospitals, university faculties or at public transport stations.

CIVITAS Case Study – Exploring integrated mobility planning in Ljubljana

In recent years, issues surrounding increasing car dependency, congestion, air pollution and lower quality of life have made Ljubljana realise that its transport planning needed a revised approach. Traditionally, although transport strategies were included in spatial plans with the objective of reaching a more sustainable transport, the reality was very different. Therefore, Ljubljana decided to prepare a comprehensive sustainable urban mobility plan (SUMP) within CIVITAS.

CIVITAS Case Study – Choppers: A sustainable solution for energy saving on trams

The electric transport fleet in Craiova is composed of 34 tramways: nine of them were not used due to their high electrical consumption. Craiova upgraded the nine trams using the chopper system, an electronic driving system that facilitates lower power consumption. The new driving system is assisted by an on-board computer and a Windows application for data storing and processing of energy consumption. The trams are now able to reduce the energy consumption up to 40 percent and to provide a more comfortable transportation mode thanks to a smoother start-stop phase.

CIVITAS Case Study -Testing Biofuel in the Coimbra public transport fleet

The rising price of oil coupled with the negative consequences of traffic pollution and energy inefficiency have made a transition to more sustainable energy policies inevitable. Coimbra tested the use of biofuel as an alternative for its public transport fleet. To date there has been little use of biofuel in the Portuguese public transportation sector. The Municipality of Coimbra tested a mix containing up to 50 percent biofuel in several trial buses.


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