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CIVITAS Plus in Numbers - Achievements in sustainable urban mobility

CIVITAS Plus in Numbers highlights key results from the CIVITAS Plus phase of the Initiative, which ran from 2008 to 2012. Five demonstration projects were implemented during this period, involving 25 cities from 15 countries. Out of a total of over 300 measures, 48 have been selected for inclusion in this publication, based on their contribution to economic, environmental and social concerns — that is, to the three pillars of sustainable development.

CIVITAS Case Study - Campaigns promoting the use of public transport and cycling in Szczecinek

This measure supported all other measures at the local level in their dissemination and promotion work. Campaigns were organised to promote new forms of mobility and increase cycling, especially among school children and youngsters, to influence travel behaviour and increase the use of public transport. Campaigns are the best way to address large target groups, particularly youth and children.

CIVITAS Case Study – New ticketing system in Tallinn

During CIVITAS Plus, Tallinn tested a new electronic online ticketing system for all types of public transport (PT) tickets, including season tickets. This broad system functioned on the basis of contactless cards, ticket validators at all PT vehicle entrances, printing devices by driver for one-ride paper tickets, control devices, central system server and modems to connect vehicles. As well as reflecting upon how Tallinn found a modern and optimal solution for their needs, this case also discusses how the procurement of the necessary equipment was tackled and eventually implemented.

CIVITAS Case Study – Road safety measures in Usti nad Labem

Usti nad Labem is committed to improving road safety in the city. To achieve this goal, the city performed a road safety audit of the most critical locations, such as frequented roads and intersections, local schools and locations with many traffic accidents. Safety deficits were revealed and specific, suitable road safety improvements for individual localities were developed. The municipality launched campaigns to raise awareness about safety issues and the causes and consequences of traffic accidents.


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