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CIVITAS Case Study - Low Emission Zone in Aalborg, Denmark

The City of Aalborg has implemented a low emission zone in the city centre, covering an area of 3.5 km2. Diesel trucks and buses above 3.5 tonnes must fulfil EURO IV or have a retrofitted particle filter to access the area. The results have been impressive: emissions in the area have been reduced by approximately 25 percent, and air quality has improved.

CIVITAS Plus Cluster Report - Public Transport

Public transport (PT) is a key element of sustainable mobility in cities, and should be sufficiently attractive to retain existing users and encourage new users. Ways of increasing the attractiveness of public transport include improved operational efficiency, harmonisation of tariffs and timetables, accessibility and interchange facilities.

CIVITAS Plus Cluster Report - Mobility Management

Mobility management continues to be a growing area in planning for sustainable transport in cities. Demand management is an important new topic in CIVITAS Plus. The objective of CIVITAS Plus is to test and increase the understanding of the frameworks, processes and packaging required to successfully introduce bold, integrated and innovative strategies for clean and sustainable urban transport. These strategies address concerns related to energy efficiency, transport policy and road safety, alternative fuels and the environment.

CIVITAS Measure Directory

Transferring know-how and lessons learned is at the heart of CIVITAS. This Measure Directory highlights the achievements of the Initiative from 2002-2012 and gives offline access to the details of 663 measures for sustainable urban mobility. 


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