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CIVITAS Case Study - Walking, Cycling and Vertical Transport in Donostia - San Sebastian

In Donostia-San Sebastian, the Municipality emphasised the promotion of car free lifestyles through the development of alternative mobility options to reduce car dependency. Some of the key activities that the city carried out to offer its citizens the possibility to have an efficient mobility without owning or using a private car, are: the enhancement of public transport services; the further promotion of cycling by improving the cycling network and enlarging the bike sharing scheme; the development of vertical transport systems and infrastructure improvements to foster walking.

CIVITAS Case Study - Public Transport Priority and Traffic Control in Monza

Through CIVITAS, Monza implemented a traffic priority system for public buses, which was an important goal for the city. Thanks to an intelligent transport system (ITS) approach, Monza managed to achieve considerable results by enhancing the use of automatic vehicle location / automatic vehicle monitoring (AVL/AVM) and Urban Traffic Control (UTC) systems. AVL/AVM identifies the position and the delay of each bus in real time.

CIVITAS Case Study - Access Restriction and Bus Priority in Iasi

Increasing car traffic generates a series of problems in the city, such as delays for public transport and high levels of noise, air pollutants and congestion. In order to solve these problems, the City of Iasi has defined priority routes for public transport vehicles and implemented a green light priority system and an access control scheme within the CIVITAS corridor in the historic centre of the city. 

CIVITAS Case Study - Public Transport Information for Blind and Partially Sighted Persons in Brighton & Hove

This measure aimed to improve accessibility and public transport provision for people who are blind or partially sighted in Brighton & Hove by providing audio devices, known as react units, or talking bus stops, to relay the information displayed on real time bus information (RTI) signage.


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