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Result pub.

CIVITAS Case Study - Campaigns to Promote Public Transport and Cycling in Szczecinek

This measure supported all other measures at the local level in their dissemination and promotion work. Campaigns were organised to promote new forms of mobility and increase cycling, especially among school children and youngsters, to influence travel behavior and increase the use of public transport. Campaigns are the best way to address large target groups, particularly youth and children.

This case study has been prepared by Szczecinek as part of the CIVITAS RENAISSANCE project. 

CIVITAS Case Study - More efficient road markings in Perugia

Municipalities usually undertake road surface markings maintenance through the combined use of internal staff and outside contractors. The evaluation of the work of external contractors is often done only in a qualitative manner, which does not allow assessing if the budget allocated for road surface markings is spent properly. Within this measure, a tool to verify and judge the quality of road surface markings by means of a scientific and experimental approach was developed.

CIVITAS Case Study - New Traffic Organisation and Strategy in Gorna Oryahovitsa

During recent years the motorisation rate in the Gorna Oryahovitsa area increased more than three times, reaching the level of 50 vehicles per 100 inhabitants. This exceeds the average rate for Bulgaria. New industrial areas emerged in the town itself and adjacent territories, resulting in increased car and truck traffic flows that the existing infrastructure cannot cope with. Currently Gorna Oryahovitsa has 386.7 km street network and 1,245 parking lots.


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