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Progress reports


CIVITAS CAPITALised 2015 is a digest of the activities that took place in 2015 under the CIVITAS CAPITAL project, a support action of the CIVITAS Initiative. The publication categorises different activities under three broad themes: clean and resource-aware mobility, inclusive transport for a cohesive and healthy society, and smart mobility for smart growth and jobs. Each theme has a section dedicated to it.

CIVINET Annual Report 2013

This document reports on the five CIVINETs which existed in 2013, and describes their organisation and activities in that year.

CIVINET Annual Report 2014

This document summarises the activities and achievements of the ten CIVINETs in 2014. Reports for each individual CIVINET and a list of 2014 activities can be downloaded via hyperlinks at the end of the document. Each report goes into greater detail about the organisation and the 2014 activities of the CIVINET in question.


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