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Progress reports

Implementation Status Report on the efficiency of the installed supercap bank

Report on the efficiency of the installed supercaps bank installed on one of the substations of Gdynia's trolleybus system.


Report on the complete version of integrated mobility platform in Palma

The City of Palma and its municipal companies for public transport (EMT) and parking (SMAP), have jointly developed a mobility platform with real time information on urban public transport, public bikes, traffic volumes and public parking spaces. The platform has been launched in January 2015.


CIVITAS CAPITALised 2014 is a digest of the activities under the CIVITAS CAPITAL project, a support action of the CIVITAS Initiative. The publication categorises different CAPITAL activities under three broad themes: clean and resource-aware mobility, inclusive transport for a cohesive and healthy society, and smart mobility for smart growth and jobs. Each theme has a section dedicated to it.


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