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Policy brief

CIVITAS policy brief: Public transport enabling the European Green Deal

This policy brief aims at describing how sustainable urban transport – including public transport, walking, cycling as well as new and emerging forms of passenger mobility, such as ridepooling, ridesharing, vehicle renting, micromobility etc, can enable the European Green Deal to successfully reach its climate objectives.

It summarises inputs collected over a series of meetings in 2020 held by the CIVITAS Advisory Group on the future of urban mobility policy.

CIVITAS policy brief: Gamechangers Advisory Group

This policy paper sets out the policy recommendations devised by the CIVITAS Advisory Group on Gamechangers.

It covers eight thematic areas:

CIVITAS policy brief: Promoting sustainable urban mobility through procurement

Drawing on the lessons from the BuyZET and SPICE projects, this CIVITAS policy brief outlines how public procurement can have a massive impact on the promotion of sustainable urban mobility.

Alongside outlining the broader EU policy context, it gives a series of recommendations from SPICE and BuyZET. 


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