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Cost Benefit Analysis Example Measure

This note provides the source data for a hypothetical CIVITAS measure typical of those for which you might wish to carry out a Cost Benefit Analysis (CBA). You can test the tool by using the data on pages 1 and 2. Then, after you obtain a result, you can check the right answer on pages 3, 4 and 5 that will hopefully highlight and explain problems that you experienced – if any – in using the spreadsheet.

CIVITAS Plus Cluster Report - Cycling and Walking

Increased car usage has resulted in more atmospheric pollution, noise, traffic congestion, and less active lifestyles. Cycling and walking are sustainable travel modes which could address such problems by replacing private car journeys, and the European Commission has already recommended that facilitating active travel should be a crucial part of urban planning and transport infrastructure design (European Commission, 2001; European Commission, 2011).

CIVITAS Plus Cluster Report - Traffic Management and Control

Traffic management and control plays an essential role in urban transport system, the purpose of which is to maximize road network potential and improve safety to meet current and future mobility needs in cities. 38 ambitious and innovative transport measures were introduced and developed by participants to demonstrate the contributions to sustainable urban mobility goals in CIVITAS.

This report was compiled for the CIVITAS Plus phase of the Initiative by the CIVITAS POINTER project. 


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