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Faktenblatt Car-Sharing Bremen

CIVITAS Insight 18 - Mobility-as-a-Service: A new transport model

Hyper-urbanisation, climate change, and demographic and societal changes are some of the trends that have put pressure on transport networks and set obstacles to door-to-door mobility. Technological breakthroughs can tackle many of the problems, and produce novel mobility services that could contribute to seamless mobility.

CIVITAS Insight 17 - Planning for sustainable travel

A general shift towards sustainable modes of travel is taking place. Children are using more sustainable modes to go to school and workers are using cars less. Developing and implementing a travel plan can reduce the need for people to travel to and from a location and encourage others to travel more sustainably.

CIVITAS Insight 16 - Engaging the citizens of today to build the sustainable cities of tomorrow

Today, there is no escaping the widespread adoption of social media. Similar to the rise of the personal computer, mobile phones and the internet, the ascent of social media is historic and transformative in influencing the way people think, behave and communicate. In few other places is this transformation more distinct and revolutionary than in the use of Participation 2.0 in government administration.


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