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CIVITAS 2MOVE2 in a nutshell

CIVITAS DYN@MO In a nutshell

In light of the CIVITAS forum in Gdynia and at the same time the final conference of CIVITAS DYN@MO, a brochure has been prepared showing a brief overview of the implemented measures, including the main results and achievements that were available a couple of months before the official end of the project.

CIVITAS Insight 20 - Cities’ role in introducing clean vehicles and using alternative fuels

The EU wants to phase out conventionally fuelled vehicles by 2050 and move towards carbon neutral urban logistics by 2030. To achieve this ambitious objective, it developed legislation and provided financial incentives to encourage cities to use alternatively fuelled vehicles and create related infrastructure. This Insight gives an overview of the current situation and future prospects.

CIVITAS Insight 19 - E-mobility: Make it happen through SUMPs!

Cities play a key role in promoting electric vehicles. Ideally, they would blend a structured and effective e-mobility strategy with a Sustainable Urban Mobility Plan, helping to improve air quality and reduce noise, energy and car dependency.


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