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Mobility Measure

Promoting e-bike sharing and car sharing

An Information and Awareness Raising Campaign shall be launched in order to promote the practice of car sharing and e-bike sharing in Malta. 

Implementing sustainable mobility

An Information and Awareness campaign will be launched to promote both the services of e-bike and car sharing. Both services are new to Malta and the public needs to be made aware of their existence and educated on how the systems work.

In Malta, cycling is seen as a leisure activity and the unpopularity of it as a mode of commuting stems from the perception of it being unsafe. In order to address this, the campaign will also focus on the safety regulations and educate all road users on road sharing and safety.

The promotion campaign will be launched in two phases; in parallel with the launch of the car sharing services and the national bike ride which is held annually in September as part of the European Mobility Week activities.


The following are the objectives which the e-bike sharing and car sharing promotion campaign aims to achieve:

1. Encourage sustainable transport behaviour amongst tourists and residents;

2. Shift users from the private car to shared transport systems;

3. Educate the public on alternative transport options;

4. Increase the practice of intermodality;

5. Further promote electric vehicles;

6. Encourage cycling as a viable mode of transport;

7. Reduce traffic congestion and journey delays especially during the peak hours;


How will this be achieved?

Following the concession tenders for both e-bike and car sharing services that were launched by Government, the public needs to be made aware of the new services and their advantages promoted.

A study was commissioned to identify the cost of owning a car in Malta. Attributing a real cost to private transport will make the message more effective.

A team of marketing experts will design and coordinate the marketing campaign. Such expertise is not available within Transport Malta and this is essential in delivering an effective, nation-wide promotional campaign. Various channels will be used to target the greatest share of the general public but the focus will be on promotion on mass media and social media, with these currently being the most effective.

The promotional campaign on cycling will be launched in Month 24 while the car-sharing promotional campaign will be launched in Month 26. Prior, during and following the campaign data will be collected to evaluate the impact of the marketing on the satisfaction and awareness of the public.

How did the measure progress?

In May 2017, a study was commissioned to establish the cost associated with owning a car in Malta. This took into consideration the initial expense to purchase a car, routine maintenance, fuel, insurance and so on. The result from this study will form the basis for the campaign message.

In January 2018, following a call for quotations, a team of experts were engaged to assist Transport Malta in the implementation of this measure. The experts were given the task of designing the logos for the sub-brand, the artworks for the promotional campaign and to assist Transport Malta with the drafting of a tender for the marketing of all measures within the DESTINATIONS Project.

What were the outcomes of the measure?

The result from the study on the cost of owning a car in Malta is expected to be a good starting point for the promotional campaign as it touches on the financial aspect associated with private transport.

Shared transport is something very innovative for Malta and this measure is expected to increase interest in it and make the public confident in using it by explaining how the system works and also highlighting its advantages.

The expected outcome from a successful national campaign is an increase in the number of people using shared transport modes and a decrease in the number of private cars on the road and therefore congestion and air pollution. With regards to cycling, the aim is to increase the current modal split from 0.27% and to have cyclists feeling safer on the roads as a result of an improvement in the understanding of the road sharing concept and respect from all road users.