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Valletta Region

Valletta Region

Living Lab - Valletta Region

Valletta is the capital city of Malta. It is a walled city established in the 16th Century by the Knights of St. John. The city it is located in the South Eastern Region of the main island of Malta. The city is designed as a fortified port, flanked by the Marsamxett Port on the western coast and by the Grand Harbour on the eastern coast. 

City Factfile

City area50.19 km2
Population (historical city) 6,444 (2014)
Population (metropolitan area)393,938
Population density116.6/km
Gender50.1% female, 49.9% male
Car ownership763 cars / 1000 inhabitants
Accidents (2015)

15,504, an increase of 1,031 cases, or 7.1 per cent over the previous year

Valletta Region Today

Modal Share

     Public bus (53%)

     Private car (driver): 30,9%

     Private car (passenger): 9,8%

     Other (6.3%)





Increase the use of the urban public transport by tourists and locals
Increase cycling in conjunction with promotion of cycling safety
Decrease congestion and journey delays
Decrease noise level and improvement of air quality
Encourage tourists to explore the region using economic and sustainable modes
Encourage locals to use sustainable modes in their travels


Transport Infrastructure

Car network


Cycling network



Alexandra Ellul
Site Manager, Transport Malta