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Living Lab - Elba

Elba is the biggest island of the Tuscan Archipelago, the largest marine park in Europe. The island is divided into seven municipalities (Portoferraio, Rio, Capoliveri, Marciana Marina, Marciana, Marina di Campo, Porto Azzurro) of which the Port Towns of Portoferraio and Rio are involved in the projet. The two towns are connected to the Italian mainland with three ferry companies: one during the winter and two during the summer season: all offering routes between Piombino and the island, one, during the summer, even with Corsica (Bastia). There is an airport on the island in Marina di Campo, above all during the summer, it is used for flights to the Italian mainland and Switzerland. Elba island has a strong tourist industry thanks to its land and sea views and for its culture. Improving island services and particularly transport and mobility for people and goods are the main objectives of the Elba Sharing project.


City Factfile


Campo nell'Elba4805
Marciana Marina1977
Porto Azzurro3751
Population density140 /km2 (360 /sq mi)
Gender balance15,730 Men
16,360 Women
Car owners (Livorno)197,622
Car owners (Elba)20,855
Car ownership rate

650 cars/1000 inh.

Accidents155 (2014)
Annual rainfall

<750 mm


Elba Today

Modal Share


     City bus, coach, long-distance bus (15%)

     Company busses and schoolbusses (0.40%)

     Private car (driver) (54%)

     Private car (passenger) (3,6%)

     Motorbike, scooter (11,42%)

     Bicycles (6,1%)

     Others (0,4%)

     Pedestrians (9,09%)



     City bus, coach, long-distance bus (17.1%)

     Company busses and schoolbusses (8.80%)

     Private car (driver) (1,70%)

     Private car (passenger) (39.44%)

     Motorbike, scooter (3%)

     Bicycles (2,80%)

     Others (0,10%)

     Pedestrians (27,06%)



The main aims are: Adoption of sustainable mobility, reduce the use of private car, increase the use of sharing mobility and public transport

Improve overall island attractiveness 

  • Increase the attractiveness of the Island for tourists and quality of life for residents by the improvement of overall island mobility and accessibility.

Improve cost effectiveness and integration of transport and mobility services 

  • Implement the "SHARED ELBA MOBILITY” Agency, in order to promote and manage economy-sharing driven mobility solutions, integrated with Local Public Transport.

Reduce traffic congestion and related  emissions / energy consumption

  • Improve the quality of the environment  in the context of Tuscan Archipelago Natural Park, implementing shared services and promoting eco-sustainable mobility services.

Improve road safety and quality of public spaces 

  • Improve road safety for pedestrian and cyclists. Improve the public spaces for tourists and residents.  Help island cities to cope with new tourism trends and adapt their mobility systems accordingly 

Transport Infrastructure

Car network

The island is served by a network of the following roads connecting all over the island:

  • SP 24 - Portoferraio-Bivio Boni
  • SP 25a - Procchio-Marina di Campo
  • SP 25b - Procchio-Punta Nera
  • SP 25c - Pomonte-Bivio San Piero
  • SP 25d - Bivio San Piero-Marina di Campo
  • SP 26a - Bivio Boni-Porto Azzurro
  • SP 26b - Porto Azzurro-Padreterno
  • SP 26c - Rio nell'Elba-Rio Marina
  • SP 26d - Rio Marina-Cavo
  • SP 28 - Schiopparello-Bagnaia
  • SP 29 - Bivio San Pietro-La Pila
  • SP 30a - Valdana-Lacona
  • SP 30b - Lacona-Marina di Campo
  • SP 31 - Bivio Mola-Capoliveri
  • SP 32 del Volterraio - Magazzini-La Ginestra
  • SP 33 di Parata - La Ginestra-Cavo
  • SP 34 - Ponte di Civillina-Ponte di Noveri
  • SP 37 di Monte Perone - San Ilario-Poggio

Cycling network

The island has a network of trails for recreational cyclists' training,  trails and dirt roads for mountain bikers and accessible routes for families with children.

Public transport network

The Island of Elba is accessible by ferry from Piombino Marittima, which can be reached by car, train, or bus. Four companies (Toremar, Moby Lines, Blu Navy and Corsica-Sardinia Ferries) provide several ferry services daily during the summer to and from Portoferraio, Rio Marina and Cavo. Access is also possible by airplane to Elba Airport in Marina di Campo. Access is available year-round via frequent bus connections.