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Tampere is a city with about 240 000 inhabitants situating in Southern Finland about 160 kms north from capital Helsinki. Tampere is the second-largest urban area in Finland, a growing city and a significant economic and cultural center.

Tampere has been active in developing sustainable mobility in recent years and there are plans for years to come. The city is preparing the Sustainable Urban Mobility Plan SUMP. Tampere has an ambitious climate target for carbon neutrality by 2030. It means that the greenhouse gas emissions caused by the traffic need to be cut down by about 50%. In a growing city, this puts pressure on traffic planning to take bigger and faster steps towards to a more sustainable modal share. Beside climate targets, other needs of sustainability are very important to be fulfilled, like health, safety, equal accessibility and livable city space.

To meet the needs of the growing city and urban area, a modern and smart tramway is about to start operating in Tampere in 2021. The first 15 kms of the tramway system is built and the construction for the second section has started. In the future, the tram network might grow with the lines to the east or to the south.

In Tampere, work is and will be done also for cycling conditions, local train connections, smart mobility, electrification of buses, mobility as a service etc. Mobility management plays also an important role in building the sustainable city for everyone.


Sanna Ovaska
Project Manager