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Tallinn Public Transport gets knitting makeover

Author: CIVITAS Support
Posted on: Friday, June 17, 2011 - 11:47
Tallinn , MIMOSA

The deadline is nearly here SO GET READY! Part of Tallinn public transport will undergo a dramatic make-over which will bring a smile to many faces. Already a big hit internationally, Knitting Graffiti has its eyes firmly set on revitalising the public transport travel experience in Tallinn.

Pillars of the underground bus terminal and one regular bus will be soon wrapped in coloured woollen knitted scarves along with a central park in Tallinn. The bus will literally be wrapped both inside and out. Scarves will cover seats and a sticker imprinted with knitted scarves will cover the outside of the bus. The wonderful colours and textures of the handmade crafts will make the bus terminal and vehicle warm, friendly and inviting. Just over 10 months ago, the Tallinn Transport Department together with Tallinn Youth and Sports Department and Foundation Tallinn 2011 invited diverse range of social and demographic groups from all over Estonia including children, teens, teachers, disabled people and crafts to participate and provide input to the Knitting Graffiti action. Involving a great deal of positive co-operation, the result is a selection of masterpieces, each with its own colour, texture and pattern, making it an event to remember. It is hoped that the Knitting Graffiti on the Public Transport will stimulate positive emotion and a happy travel experience. To properly analyse the impact of this campaign, Tallinn Department of Transport have implemented a before and after behaviour change evaluation study to gather feedback from customers who ride on the knitted bus. To make sure the event remains a big surprise; all that can be said is that the launch day will take place some time in June. Stay tuned for further updates! To learn more about the Image of Public Transport, CIVITAS MIMOSA Tallinn will be hosting a workshop on this topic on June 17th  featuring a number of experts in this field. Admission is free and open to: CIVITAS members, transport professionals, business interests, local government, students and environmental organisations. Please note that delegates are required to register. To find out more information or register please go to

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