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Singing in the rain

Author: CIVITAS Support
Posted on: Monday, December 18, 2006 - 13:37
Odense , MOBILIS

Most of the time you wouldn’t feel like singing in the rain. But now 5000 people in Odense can feel free to do so under the shelter of their new umbrellas. As a part of a campaign for the public transport in Odense 5000 umbrellas were distributed to promote the new services.

5000 umbrellas were handed out over two weeks in November. The bad weather has been perfect for this activity and the umbrellas were very welcome in the streets of Odense. The Deputy Mayor, Anker Boye, helped to give away the first umbrellas.Handing out umbrellas was the last activity in a row for promoting public transport in Odense. During 2006 an image campaign focussed on the benefits of public transport. with posters and postcards in the streets showing the advantages, such as the bus stopping on one’s doorstep, taking you to cultural activities or to work. We have also developed new services for the buses such as the webpage with an innovative route planner based on maps and a sms-service. The sms-service has been developed to get the real time of the bus when waiting at the bus stop. Furthermore we have implemented bus priority in junctions.

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