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Scouts meet at camp in Suceava city

Author: CIVITAS Support
Posted on: Tuesday, May 27, 2008 - 20:49
Suceava , SMILE

Young people represent the future of every country. Therefore, our society is paying great attention and support to the formation of organisations and activities to provide education to young people in topics such as: how to develop appropriate life values, how to interweave personal self-sufficiency as well as how to be actively involved in the general progress of our local and national community.

In this framework, the National Organisation of Romania’s Scouts is gathering together, in a voluntary partnership, around 2,500 young members, organized into 63 subsidiaries, throughout the country. Their activity involves attracting new members, involving them in sporting competitions, for a healthy body and mind and to improve their level of education and the ability to participate in the community. Their mission is: “Think globally and act locally” and they are committed to being involved in many areas, including sustainable development. . The project dissemination team set up a camp-meeting with local scout organisations, one weekend during the summer. This meeting enabled us to engage in face-to-face discussions and consultation with them. The topics discussed covered a wide range of common interest areas, and were focused mainly on environmental issues, pollution caused by road traffic, the need to promote alternative modes of transport (cycling, walking, and public transport) and to think, in this respect, on long term solutions to ensure a sustainable urban development. The conclusions drawn from these discussions highlight young people’s degree of awareness and responsibility as well as their ability to influence the future approaches of responding to mobility needs. The location of the meeting was very appropriate: in the middle of the green nature, in land, barely touched by humans. The CIVITAS action was in the centre of our discussions and the CIVITAS banner was prominently displayed in the middle of the countryside, suggesting that clean air and the green environment should not only be in less inhabited areas, but also, the in the urban areas. Humanity brought development and development should serve human interests positively. We, also, ensured that they will actively collaborate with our team with the dissemination of project measures and results. There are thoughts to organise a smiliar action.

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