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Positive reactions to environment-friendly cambio car in Gent

Author: CIVITAS Support
Posted on: Thursday, April 22, 2010 - 10:26
Ghent , ELAN

Cambio is considering integrating environment-friendly cars into their carpark in Gent. Cambio conducted a survey among their users and the results were very positive.

For the cambio users the environmentally friendly aspect of carsharing is already a very important factor for cambio's choices. 93% of the users consider integrating eco-friendly cars into the car park a good idea. They think cambio should play a pioneer\'s role in this context.70% of the users are prepared to pay a bit more to drive eco-friendly cars and 80% are prepared to drive a car that is a little less user friendly. The users that did not react positively to this new initiative did this for several reasons. Some think they already do enough by sharing a car, others think they would have to do a detour to fuel the car. Some doubt whether the production process of the cars is environmentally friendly.34% of the cambio users would specifically ask for the eco-friendly car when making their reservation, while 15% would not. For 42% of the users the decision would depend on their destination.In both Flanders and Brussels, there is a clear preference for the hybrid car. In Flanders the electrical car takes second place, while Brussels prefers the car on gas.The survey was conducted in cooperation with Taxistop within the framework of the CIVITAS and Momo European projects.

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