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Political meeting in Preston

Author: CIVITAS Support
Posted on: Tuesday, December 12, 2006 - 14:59
Preston , SUCCESS

The 2nd political committee meeting of SUCCESS took place in Preston on 29th March 2006. The occasion was a reminder of how important our cooperation and the political ambition to CIVITAS objectives and EC policies in relation to Transport and Environment are.

Held in the beautiful Committee room of Lancashire County Council, County Hall, the meeting was rich in exchanges and warm introductions. County Councillor Tony Martin, Member for Sustainable Development, welcomed the participants and County Councillor Jean Yates chaired the meeting, reminding all of the importance of SUCCESS project for Lancashire.Denis Leroy, vice-mayor of La Rochelle, said the CIVITAS Programme has given the chance for cooperation between the 3 cities which are advanced in thinking and ready to experiment. He stressed that we work together on two strands: the organisation and improvement of transport systems, and the human reality which is motivated by pricing, ticket flexibility, accessible systems and education.After reminding the importance of the SUCCESS project in the sustainable development policy of the oil city of Ploiesti, Mayor Emil Calota reported from the last Political Advisory Committee meeting held in Nantes, where he, Cllr Jean Yates and 35 politicians from other cities and projects discussed four topics: the need to develop a common language of sustainability; supporting political champions for best practice; involving politicians and citizens; using subsidiarity in the interest of citizens.The SUCCESS participants and their city representatives are actively involved in CIVITAS Forums, which gather together those who are keen to make our cities a better place to live now and for the future.

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