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Piacenza is a city of 101,000 inhabitants, located in the Emilia-Romagna region in northern Italy. It is the capital of the province of Piacenza and lies 60 km southeast of Milan. It is famous for its gastronomy. The city, that lives together with its surrounding areas, faces serious traffic congestions...

There are no data on the city’s modal split, and no information is readily available concerning its urban mobility measures or plans, challenges or partnerships.

However, relying on Internet-based data sources, it’s known that the public transportation network in the city and province is managed by Transport and Mobility Piacentini (Time). Local public transportation is orientated towards bus services which are managed by two companies: Time SpA, which owns and operates the buses; and Time Agency SpA.

Piacenza is also on an important rail and highway link between Torino, Bologna, Genoa and Milan. Large numbers of commuters travel by train, and the railway also serves outlying areas. The central location of the city and its importance as a rail and road hub continue to contribute to the economic and industrial development of the city and its surrounding area.

Information on the more specific challenges associated with these efforts and the partners Piacenza collaborates with, is not currently available.

Summary finalized: August 2010