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Mobility Measure

Offering electric vehicle business test fleets to selected target groups

The objective of this measure is to increase the share of EVs among business cars. The City of Stockholm and partners aim to tackle prejudices against EVs by inviting 20 business in the craft, delivery, and taxi sectors to try electric vans for one year. These businesses will be able to lease an electric van for the same cost as a fossil fuel-powered van.

Implementing sustainable mobility

15 companies have been testing electric vans in Stockholm since Autumn 2017. Previous studies have shown that craftsmen and delivery services are driving through the city during daytime. Running a test fleet with ECCENTRIC will give the data required to better understand the barriers to and opportunities for this group driving electric vehicles.

Companies involved in the test include those involved in building and real estate maintenance matters, such as painting, ventilation, cleaning, electricity installations, and construction. In addition, courier and delivery services, gardening and waste management and recycling companies are involved, alongside wholesalers.

Companies were selected through a competition in 2017. Successful applicants are based in or drive through the Stockholm Living Lab area, which encompasses the areas of Liljeholmen, Årsta, and Hammarby Sjöstad to reach their customers.

To achieve higher CO2 reduction during the test period, companies with long driving distances were chosen. The competition was aimed at a wide variety of different business types to evaluate which groups an electric van would be feasible for and to understand what their charging patterns and needs are.

The test period is running between 2017-2019 and data collection is ongoing. More information

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Image credit: Lennart Johansson, City of Stockholm

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STO 6.2.1
November 2016

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