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Nicosia is a city of 270,000 inhabitants, located in the southern part of Cyprus in the eastern Mediterranean. The capital city of the island is famous for its copper works and tourist resorts. In the last years the town made significant measures for making public transport more attractive - also for tourists.

The city of Nicosia has a modal split of 1 percent pedestrians; 1 percent cyclists; 4 percent public transport; and 94 percent private motor vehicles. The city’s public transport (bus) system was launched in around 1970, at a time when Cyprus was facing many political problems. The main objective was to provide mobility for those without their own vehicles. Unfortunately, there are few bus routes, buses run very infrequently, and the bus schedule is outdated.

In February 2009 the Integrated Mobility Master Plan Study for Nicosia was signed by the Ministry of Communication and Public Works with the aim of improving and upgrading the transportation system. The main goals of the plan are to improve the speed, comfort and safety of the road network.

In 2010, several activities will be undertaken in order to improve transportation in the city: Public transportation system will be contracted out to private companies (these contracts will make possible new bus routes with higher bus frequencies and a new fleet of vehicles accessible by disabled passengers); Efforts will be made to integrate cycle tracks into new road designs, or into existing roads where road width allows; A bike rental system will be introduced as an alternative mode of urban transport; All bus stops/shelters will be upgraded with new electronic systems providing information including maps and bus routes.

Summary finalized : February, 2010