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Modern Bus and Tram Stations in Iasi

Author: CIVITAS Support
Posted on: Monday, August 30, 2010 - 12:41

Iasi has begun the installation of 50 modern stops for buses and tramways along the CIVITAS corridor, providing easy and safe access for public transport users and also for persons with reduced mobility. Linked to the ARCHIMEDES measure concerning the improvement of public transport information in Iasi, these new stations will be equipped with real time information panels in order to inform users about routes and waiting times.

In the first two week period of the activity, 25 new stations were fitted, and all 50 stations will be operational no later than the 15th of September, when schools resume classes. In the second part, workers will install stations on the sloping side of the CIVITAS corridor, where they will have to install them according to the pavement's inclination. The entire operation is implemented by the private company that won the tender launched by the municipality, with ARCHIMEDES covering equipment costs. Each modern stop has spaces for public transport users, for persons with reduced mobility and for the real time information panel. Thus, users will have different possibilities for obtaining information about the public transport routes - at home or at work by accessing the website, and in the new stations by watching the real time information panels.After the installation of the panels, all 50 stations will have the possibility to be connected to the public transport vehicle tracking system, also implemented by the ARCHIMEDES Project in Iasi.

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