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Modena is a city of 180,000 inhabitants, located on the south side of the Po valley. It is best known as “the capital of engines”, since the famous Italian sport car makers Ferrari, Lamborghini and Maserati have their factories here. Some also keep count of the trolleybus network of the city...

Relying on internet-based data sources, the modal split in 2003 was 5.5 percent for bus and trolleybus; 9.1 percent for bicycle; 4.4 percent for walking; 4.4 percent for motorbike; 72.3 percent for private car and 1.3 percent for others.

Although it is one of the greenest cities in Italy, with 38 square meters of green space per inhabitant and more than 73 km of natural trails, it suffers from air pollution and traffic congestion. This is partly due to the fact that Modena has approximately 650 cars for every 1,000 inhabitants. However, there is currently no data available regarding the city’s strategic approach to transport management.

The local public transport system is managed by ATCM Spa under the supervision of the Modena Agency for Mobility. ATCM manages not only urban and suburban buses, but also innovative services including: taxi buses, which replace normal buses at night from 8.30 p.m. to 5:30 a.m. and on holidays; Prontobus, a call-up service covering areas in north and south Modena, Carpi and Pavullo; and car-sharing. The city also operates three trolleybus lines with 29 vehicles of three types.

With a view to the continuous improvement of service quality, ATCM has embarked on several projects that involve technological improvements. These include new technologies for ticketing; Automatic Vehicle Monitoring (AVM); and a service involving hydrogen fuel cell cars. Called City Car Bluche hydrogen, the service will offer cars with a range of 45-50 kilometers, maximum speeds of 45 km/hr, and a weight of 295 kilograms. They will be equipped with fuel cells and acid-free batteries using ecological salt. Some of these measures have been implemented, others are being tested or about to be launched.

There is no data available regarding the challenges Modena faces in implementing its urban mobility measures, nor on the partnerships it relies upon.