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Lucca is a city of 83,000 inhabitants, located in Tuscany, northern central Italy. It is 260 km north of Rome and is famous for its intact Renaissance city walls that enclose the historic city center. The view is changing in the city: less and less cars and parking places, bigger walkways, more walkers and bikers...

Lucca’s strategic approach to transport management is currently defined by short-term and mid-term city mobility and environmental priorities. This has resulted in a sustainable freight distribution plan within a LIFE-CEDM project, the main targets of which include the setting of high standards for energy efficiency, environmental quality and general urban environmental quality; and acting as a catalyst for other actions and as a model for other European cities.

Achievements to date include the introduction of innovative infrastructure such as restricted access to the city center. Future plans include the development of an integrated parking system involving public transport, cycling and freight distribution.

The city of Lucca is working on the implementation of sustainable urban transport measures in cooperation with companies such as Lucense, Memex, Softeco and Cotas, and with the Italian Ministry of Environment.

Summary finalized: May 18, 2009