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Living Laboratories: 10 Years of CIVITAS from Aalborg to Zagreb

When it comes to mobility, there is no doubt that cities truly are “living laboratories” and it is exactly this pioneering spirit that we seek to capture and present in Living Laboratories: 10 Years of CIVITAS from Aalborg to Zagreb.

Since the CIVITAS Initiative began in 2002, over 800 potential and actual transport and mobility solutions have been explored and evaluated in nearly 70 cities. The goal in all cases has been the same — to discover concrete means that cities can use to make transport not only cleaner, but better.

The selected stories highlight the experimental and innovative side of CIVITAS, providing background information to illustrate each city’s particular context, as well as facts and figures on what they have achieved.  Issues addressed by the cities range from promoting and addressing active transport with extensive public engagement actions and communication campaigns, to experimentation with energy-saving technology in trams, to capturing the possibilities offered by intelligent transport solutions.

The examples presented give a clear indication that cities are the perfect incubators for trialling new pproaches to changing citizens’ transport behaviour, testing new infrastructure, and adapting traditional vehicles and fuels.