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Joinville has an area of 1,125.70km2, in which 210km2 are occupied by its urban space. The city is the biggest in the State of Santa Catarina and the third most populated in Southern of Brazil with 562 151 inhabitants. Joinville is the richest city in the State (overpassing the capital Florianópolis) and has the 25º GDP in the country.

Due a large amount of federal tax incentives to car-ownership, Joinville has one of the largest car-fleets in the country. The policies helped to increase its revenue while it saw its inhabitants migrating from cycling and public transport to private vehicles.
In March 2015 the Mayor and the former Minister of Cities launched the Joinville’s Urban Mobility Plan - PlanMOB. A bold Plan developed to re-change the city’s modal split (Joinville is known also as ‘The City of Bicycles’) which has been used by the Ministry of Cities as a national reference. PlanMOB main goal is make people more active in its commuting and be more susceptible to the use of public transport.
The city has been working on its plans and projects, such as the 'Active Transportation Master Plan' which was introduced in March 2016. The main goal is to make the journeys for pedestrians and bikers  safer and more pleasant.
Other plans are being develop by IPPUJ (the official planning department), such as the ‘Public Transportation Mast Plan’, the ‘Local Housing Plan’ and the ‘Local Climate Change Plan’.





Amanda Carolina Máximo
City Representative