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Innovative system for carpooling parking area in Perugia

Author: CIVITAS Support
Posted on: Tuesday, April 12, 2011 - 13:13

Car pooling in Perugia has become a reality. Many local stakeholders worked together to create the car pooling system, which uses an innovative system for access in the car pooling area.

Within CIVITAS RENAISSANCE, the municpality of Perugia, the local University and a private company have been worked together to offer a very easy to use system for car pooling in the city. The University designed a fully automatic carpool web-service able to create a safe and friendly community of carpoolers. A local private company - Elettronica Professionale S.n.c. - has studied a prototype gate, which is able to check the number of the persons inside the vehicle that enters in a reserved car poolers’ area.This automatic system, through a proxy lector, controls the presence of three or more persons are in the car. Only if there are at least three persons in the cabin, the gate opens. High quality cameras can take a photo of the car accessing the restricted parking area for car poolers. Different statistics can be obtained for a better monitoring of the car pool system in the city. In Italy, it is very difficult to reserve parking spaces for different categories of users - the control has to be compliant with different restrictions imposed by the system. This innovative system facilitates an easier control of the usage of the car pooling space and it also offers information about the car pooling system usage.

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