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Innovative credit incentive system MobiMart makes an international appearance

Author: CIVITAS Support
Posted on: Wednesday, April 27, 2011 - 14:11
Bologna , MIMOSA

Currently being tested in Bologna, the pioneering credit incentive system for sustainable mobility took centre stage at the International Scientific Conference Mobil.TUM. The conference took place in Munich, from 7 - 8 April 2011, and was attended by over 160 international researchers and practicioners.

Speaking at the conference under the topic of ”Making Sustainable Mobilities - Interdisciplinary Perspectives”, MIMOSA Evaluation Manger Katrin Dziekan alongside measure leaders Giuseppe Liguori and Dora Ramazzotti outlined how Bologna’s pilot phase MobiMart measure is a means to design, prototype and demonstrate strategy for measuring mobility eco-savings both at citizen and community level. The MobiMart system in Bologna rewards people for sustainable travel behavior, so travelling by bike, public transport or using car sharing rather than the private car is rewarded with a complementary amount of mobility eco-savings/mobility credits. Credits can be used to get environmental/energy benefits such as a free bus ticket. Not only does this incentive system help convince people to consider alternatives to the private car, it also starts to develop their mind set towards more multimodal thinking. Based on the Kyoto incentive mechanism for pollutant emissions known as the Green Certificate, the MIMOSA approach sets out to test out the challenges on implementing a widely acceptable certification method for mileage savings, resource use, emissions reduction, etc. Important areas being tested are the conversion criteria and trading rules, validated protocols and guidelines about issuing mobility credits. Other areas of notable interest will be voluntary agreements between key stakeholders for mutual recognition of transport related mobility credits will be implemented. These findings will contribute to a better understanding in the successful promotion of multimodal travel behavior. Lessons learnt:• Complexity of the problem itself and constant changes in mobility matters were main barriers• Impact of policies on activities may require flexibility due to possible change in local framework• Evaluation is a core activity that gives the basis for implementation and demonstration allowsing successful management• Data collected are often not in line with expected quality - better to focus on less data and a smaller sample than vice-versa.Given the high level of audience questions, interest in the MobiMart incentive programme was deemed to be remarkably high for this particular innovative CIVITAS MIMOSA approach and the CIVITAS project in general.

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