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Green light system in Iasi

Author: CIVITAS Support
Posted on: Monday, July 26, 2010 - 12:41

CIVITAS Archimedes introduces many innovative public transport measures in Iasi. One such measure of the project is the prioritisation of the public transport system, through a priority control system at traffic lights and special lanes marked for public transport.

22 July 2010 was the deadline for the new system, which helps the local PT Company to improve the buses timetable on the CIVITAS Corridor. 15 crossroads of the corridor are equipped with automatic traffic counting detectors and also automatic traffic lights. The traffic equipment is connected to the central data system to monitor the activity and to have a short time intervention if any malfunctions occur. The system can change the green light for different directions. The innovative system means the minimum time of the green light is enough for the pedestrians to safely cross the street. The green light time for the road traffic can be extended, by calculating the number of cars waiting at the traffic lights.A special lane for buses was marked along the main boulevard of the corridor. The system can switch the traffic lights giving the priority for the buses only on the dedicated lane. Linked to another important measure implemented by Archimedes in Iasi, the new system is useful for buses circulating with LPG on the CIVITAS Corridor. The implementation of the green light” system is the first step of the traffic management plan that must be developed for the entire city over the next two years.

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