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GPS systems Saving money and the environment

Author: CIVITAS Support
Posted on: Tuesday, December 12, 2006 - 15:25
Malmö , SMILE

By using the latest technology the effectiveness for a delivery company radically improves and not only saves money but also the environment. 215 215 a Malmö based delivery company are using the latest GPS technology and they are also adopting a number of other environmentally friendly actions.

215 215 has been a partner of the SMILE project from the beginning. The delivery company have focused on providing environmentally friendly transport to its customers. “It is more and more often that customers are asking for environmentally friendly solutions” says Ulrika Gunnarsson responsible for economy at 215 215. They have adopted a number of environmentally friendly actions such as environmental reports drawn up and signed by all drivers in the company. These reports list where they refuel; the fuel used by the car to indicate which are running on ethanol or gas as well as showing what kind of oil is being used in the cars as well as the type of tyres they are driving with. The latest of these improvements has been the new GPS system, which decreases unnecessary driving distances, improves rapidity and improves the coordination of co-deliveries. The security is also improved as the traffic coordinators can direct the deliveries; avoid traffic jams and other problems.“We have improved our work with more than 50% in terms of coordination and timing etc” says Joakim Åberg, one of the traffic coordinators at 215 215. Previously he had to keep everything in his head whereas he now controls all cars via the computer screen. The PGS system gives location indications every second which means full control on all vehicles. All drivers approve and very much enjoy using the system. They all have a hand computer allowing them to view the coming deliveries and the orders are signed by the customer directly on the computer screen. The old system with papers, copies, signatures etc is a mere memory today. The environmental work does not stop with this at 215 215. All employees have gone through an Eco driving training as well. The drivers have also had internal competitions on who can drive the furthest without having to refuel. These actions have lowered the company’s fuel use with 10-15%. The company is therefore not only saving money for themselves but contributing to a better environment for everyone. (Photo: Mats Persson)

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