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Ghent cycling website now online

Author: CIVITAS Support
Posted on: Tuesday, May 24, 2011 - 15:54
Ghent , ELAN

Where can I find all the information about cycling in Ghent? The new website contains a wealth of useful cycling information. Where and how to rent a bicycle, looking for regulations, organide your own bicycle registration for your company or report a bicycle wreck? Everything is just a few clicks away.

Which kind of information can you find? The main themes are split up in a number of logical categories, such as lost your bicycle?, safe cycling, park your cycle and cycling routes: useful and practical information for everybody who cycles everyday or who wants to start doing this in the future. People who want to visit Ghent and would like to do it by bike now know that all the information is available on one website. Along with more general information, there is also a news section informing the website’s visitors about a whole range of cycle news and in the calendar people can see when all the cycle events take place. Policy plans are also available on the website. What are we planning to do on the short term? Which statictics and numbers are available? Online communication Another advantage of this new website is that a lot of communication will be possible directly through online forms, e.g. reporting a bicycle wreck, renting a place in a guarded bicycle shed at the railway station, reserving a temporary bicycle shed or organising a bicycle registration. Why a cycling website? The city of Ghent has the ambition to house all the different cycle services in one building ‘the House of the Bike’. While this procedure is going on we already brought everything together online: This enables cyclists and future cyclists to find all the necessary information in just a couple of clicks.

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