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First LPG bus in Iasi

Author: CIVITAS Support
Posted on: Thursday, July 2, 2009 - 11:49

The first bus equipped LPG fuel was launched on 6 May in Iasi. In the coming months an additional 29 LP buses will be added to the CIVITAS corridor fleet.

The objective of the measure “Biofuels - Use of bio-methane in Iasi” is to increase the use of alternative fuels and of clean and energy efficient vehicles while enhancing their integration into the urban transport system.Through the second ARCHIMEDES consortium meeting which took place between 5-6 May 2009 the first Renault bus equipped with LPG fuel was presented. As part of ARCHIMEDES, 30 diesel buses will be adapted to use LPG fuel. Following this the public transport on the Civitas corridor Agronomie - Tudor Vladimirescu will be improved.The main advantage of using LPG as an alternative fuel for the buses is decreasing the following pollutant emissions: HC - 80%, CO - 90%, NOx - 55%, CO2 - 4%; There is also a much lower noise level for the LPG engine in comparison with diesel engines; and a reduction of fuel costs by installing the LPG kit in comparison with the diesel consumption.In the coming months a unit for distribution of LPG will be constructed in order to fuel the 30 buses. This activity is part of the same ARCHIMEDES measure.

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