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Florence (Firenze) is a city of 366,000 inhabitants, located in the Italian region of Tuscany 80 km south of Bologna. It is well known for its important role during the Middle Ages and the Renaissance, and in particular for its art and architecture. Recently besides public transport, walking and cycling enjoys priority...

In 2001 the city demonstrated a modal split of: private cars 38 percent, motorcycles 24,5 percent, public transport 16 percent, pedestrians 16 percent and other (including cycling) 5,5 percent.

Transport measures recently implemented include the establishment of a car-sharing system, a car pooling initiative, bicycle sharing and restricted traffic zones. The bike-sharing system includes four rental points where clients can pick up and drop off bikes. Meanwhile citizens who car-share are entitled to free street parking and may freely enter the Restricted Traffic Zone (ZLT). This zone, which encompasses the entire historic center of Florence, is governed by special access, transit and parking rules. They are also equipped with video surveillance cameras to capture traffic offences committed by those without special permits.

Mobility measures are managed by the Directorate Mobility of the City of Florence. The public transportation network is managed by ATAF&LI-NEA. ATAF has partnered in a number of European projects, including the Portal for Flexible Mobility Services and Infomobility in Florence, the AGATA project (Multi-services agency based on telecommunication centres for the integrated management of mobility and of accessibility to transport services) that helped provide information on available bus services at different stops as well as services for booking flexible or personal mobility services in the Florence Metropolitan Area.

Summary finalized: July 2010