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The European SUMP Conference in Brno

Author: Klára Tenková
Posted on: Monday, June 27, 2016 - 12:39

The city of Brno was the host for the conference of the CIVITAS 2MOVE2 project on sustainable mobility planning, which was held on 2nd June 2016. The aim of the conference was to introduce the good practices examples of particular measures as well as the solutions to overcome the challenges, which are part of the sustainable mobility planning process.

Over 40 participants from the Czech cities were present at the conference. Manfred Wacker introduced CIVITAS 2MOVE2 project and one of its measures which is aimed on the Sustainable Urban Mobility Plan (SUMP) preparation process in the project partner cities – Brno, Stuttgart, Malaga and Tel Aviv. Other speakers from the European cities, who are experts in sustainable urban mobility planning  - Kerstin Burggraf from Dresden (Germany), Catalin Frangulea Pastor from Brasov (Romania), Tünde Hajnal from Budapest (Hungary), were talking about their approach and experiences with SUMP development process. Hermann Hansy a Renate Zuckerstätter-Semela from Vienna were presenting good practices examples of cooperation between municipalities; cooperation and coordination are important aspects of the mobility planning. Two presentations were dedicated to the SUMP development in the city of Brno. One was aimed on the process of its development and on existing findings. The other presentation made by Jaroslav Kacer,  the chairman of the Brno Smart City Committee, was focused on the cooperation for setting up of Brno SUMP Vision.

Sustainable urban mobility planning is a complex planning process, which requires transport, economic, demographic and environmental data as well as cooperation, information exchange between experts, citizens and cities itself. The conference held in Brno enabled connection between experts from Czech Republic and their counterparts from all over Europe. The main output, the exchange of experience and knowledge in the area of sustainable mobility planning, which is a strategic planning tool for local authorities for supporting balanced development and integration of all transport types, was reached.



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The city of Brno was the host for the conference of the CIVITAS 2MOVE2 project on sustainable mobility planning, which was held on 2nd June 2016. 

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