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EcoDriving saves money in the City of Malmö

Author: CIVITAS Support
Posted on: Wednesday, July 25, 2007 - 21:40
Malmö , SMILE

Within CIVITAS SMILE more than 2000 employees in the City of Malmö will receive EcoDriving training. Roland Zinkernagel at the Environment Department is measure leader and tells us about international interest in the training.

During spring 2007 the EcoDriving training sessions took off for real. The first department is the Environment Department, followed by Street and Parks Department, says Roland.After the two first pilot departments the others will follow. The first half of the city will get their training during this year and the rest during 2008. During wintertime there is no EcoDriving training.The EcoDriving training consists of a driving session with a teacher and theoretical session. Two journeys are made, first with their “usual” driving and then one more with guidance from the teacher in EcoDriving. The fuel consumption is measured by a special meter and the differences are calculated.“Even the people who are already aware of methods of EcoDriving can save more fuel. It is often possible to use less than 1 litre of petrol per 10 kilometres in mixed city traffic, says Roland. Norwich in Great Britain who also participates in CIVITAS SMILE have shown interest in EcoDriving, but so far there are no traffic schools teaching EcoDriving in Norwich yet. The traffic schools we are working with, Wendels and Kristianstads nya trafikskola have shown interest in going to Great Britain and arrange training for trainers, says Roland.

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