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Design and Coding of Traffic Light Plans in Monza

Author: CIVITAS Support
Posted on: Wednesday, June 30, 2010 - 18:28

The optimization of traffic lights programming will be carrying out in the city of Monza through the experimentation of coordinated control on an important city corridor, namely the “CIVITAS Corridor” for private traffic.Eight intersections belonging to this corridor have been selected. Traffic behavior has been reproduced in a virtual environment that simulates the performances of the traffic lights plans invested by different traffic demands (working days, holidays, morning and evening peak hours) following the microsimulation approach.Both the current situation (no coordination among traffic lights) and expected situation (several coordination scenarios) have been facing. This allows to test the control strategies designed according to real situations with relevant dynamic green waves for those cars running along the corridor at the average speed of about 40km/h. This means that in morning peak hours green wave for cars travelling Eastbound is applied, whilst in the evening peak hours the green wave is applied in the opposite direction.

In July and August 2009 the Municipality has installed new traffic light controllers able to run in centralised mode, i.e. driven by a central computer; in October and November an industrial PC and an access router hosting a GSM SIM have been installed in the cabinet hosting the traffic light controller. Tests are now in progress to assess the functionality of the new environment.The target groups involved are car drivers, commuters from outside and from inside, and fleet operator.The partner in charge for this measure, that is tightly related to other measures and constitutes a prerequisite to manage also Public Transport priority requests, is the company Project Automation. A technical workshop addressed especially to mobility town councillors and public servants of the cities of the new Province of Monza and Brianza has been arranged in beginning December 2009 by the Municipality of Monza together with Project Automation in order to evaluate and disseminate the collective benefits of measure.

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