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Congestion campaign in Ljubljana

Author: CIVITAS Support
Posted on: Friday, June 24, 2011 - 11:49
Ljubljana , ELAN

The CIVITAS ELAN Project is putting citizens at the heart of its activities and so does Ljubljana with the Oh no, this congestion again! campaign. This is a programme of public events organised by the ELAN team, named after the exhibition that took place in the City Hall for one week during European Mobility Week 2010. It is a presentation of congestion charging (CC) and sustainable mobility for the city on several professionally designed posters. Part of the exhibition is also the so-called “CC meter”, a book of impressions where visitors were kindly asked for the feedback, their ideas, suggestions, opinion on the matter.

The measure leader of the city's Implementation of a sustainable congestion charging scheme in cooperation with actors on national and regional levels, Site Dissemination Manager and Citizen Engagement Coordinator in Ljubljana suggested organising a campaign that would take place in several districts of City of Ljubljana. The exhibition would be used as “core material”, upgraded by accompanying thematic events. Many meetings with different stakeholders were organised to harmonise different views and expectations about activities and to find appropriate form of presentation and effective type of citizen engagement activity. It was agreed that the campaign will take place in seven interested COL districts from May to September 2011 – as a part of large events, such as Neighbour(hood) day. The activities in districts that were carried out included a presentation of the project and the exhibition to the participants, awareness-raising, performing opinion survey, consultation with the citizens and, in some cases, also demonstration of the right way to use a bus (especially for seniors). This was accompanied by other interesting events, organised or performed by associations, services, schools, musicians, dancers and individuals that are active in this specific district, which attracted many visitors.

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