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CIVITAS Summer Course a great success!

Author: Fred DOTTER
Posted on: Monday, June 13, 2016 - 14:55

From 07 – 10 June 2016 the CIVITAS Summer Course took place in the CIVITAS City of Malaga, and it was a great success! Participants learned from renowned experts and a selection of CIVITAS cities how sustainable mobility can lead to happy, healthy citizens in a healthy city.

The positive effects of sustainable mobility policies go well beyond environmental and monetary benefits. At the very centre is the idea of quality of life. This includes the level of happiness experienced by citizens, their sense of community and connectedness to other people, their physical health and their mental well-being. Sustainable mobility can make a large contribution to a happy city with healthy citizens. It also helps to create vibrant public spaces where people can meet and local economy can thrive. Developing the offer of sustainable modes creates jobs and a well-balanced parking management strategy generates funds while managing the ever-growing pressure that cars put on public space.

Participants, coming from more than 15 different countries, discussed experiences and exchanged on insights of economic impacts of sustainable mobility, as well as a new perspective on well-being and happiness as indicators of good policy.

During the interactive sessions, the participants tackled some complex mobility and social engagement issues in a very short space of time. They dreamed and drew their solutions for making places and mobility systems happier and healthier. The group was also active on challenges the City of Málaga is currently working on, undertook site-visits and provided city representatives with outcomes of their experiences on the topics of intermodality, cycling mobility, road safety for schools and the potential conflict between pedestrians and cyclists.

Find here some remarkable quotes from speakers and trainers:

  • Carrie EXTON, OECD: “GDP is not the only indicator for a better life.”
  • Kaan YILDIZGÖZ, UITP: “The pigeon-car phenomenon: The more pigeons you feed, the more will come. The more roads you build the more cars will be used.”
  • Yoav DAVID, City of Tel-Aviv: It’s important to give Public Transport preference, while at the same time providing a good level of service for pedestrians crossing the artery.”
  • Giuliano MINGARDO, Erasmus University Rotterdam: “There is no connection between parking and turnover of local shops.”
  • Thomas BLONDIAU, TML – Transport & Mobility Leuven: The likelihood that a given person walking or bicycling will be struck by a motorist varies inversely with the amount of walking and bicycling.”
  • Udo MBECHE-SMITH, UN-Habitat: Access is the ultimate objective of all transportation.”
  • Lamia ROULEAU TIRAOUI, Nantes Métropole: “Sharing public space is also mainly a question of behaviour.”
  • Guido VAGANÉE, Mayor of the City of Bonheiden: “Happy people make happy people, start with yourself and the world will follow.”



Day 1 | Tuesday, 07 June 2016

Key Note | Beyond GDP: Better Ways to Measure Better Lives | Download
Carrie EXTON | OECD, France

Sustainable Mobility and Wealthy Cities | Download
Thomas BLONDIAU | TML – Transport & Mobility Leuven, Belgium

Public Transport - the theory, the practice | Download
Kaan YILDIZGÖZ | UITP, Belgium

Parking Economics | Download
Giuliano MINGARDO | Erasmus University Rotterdam, The Netherlands

Day 2 | Wednesday, 08 June 2016

Appeasing city | Download
Lamia ROULEAU TIRAOUI | Nantes Métropole, France

Mobility management – development of healthy city for happy citizens | Download
Rafał POLAKOWSKI | City of Gdynia, Poland

Sustainable Mobility and Great Public Space - For Better life in Tel Aviv Yafo | Download
Yoav DAVID | City of Tel-Aviv, Israel

Happiness as a local policy | Download
Guido VAGANÉE | Mayor of the City of Bonheiden, Belgium

Introduction to the City of Malaga | Download
Carlos SANCHEZ | Observatorio de Medio Ambiente Urbano, Spain

Introduction to Local Challenge: Cycling and Road Safety Pedestrians-Cyclists | Download
Francisco BRAVO | Movilidad Viaria de Málaga, Spain

Introduction to Local Challenge: Road Safety Schools | Download
Laura FERNANDEZ | Movilidad Viaria de Málaga, Spain

Introduction to Local Challenge: Intermodality | Download
Carmen ABAD | Movilidad Viaria de Málaga, Spain

Day 4 | 10 June 2016

Presentation of Local Challenge Observation: Cycling – Group 1 | Download
Juan Daniel CHIRIBOGA, Juan Manuel LLAMAS, Céline MEUNIER, Karel RIHA, Patrik TÓTH

Presentation of Local Challenge Observation: Cycling – Group 2 | Download

Presentation of Local Challenge Observation: Intermodality – Group 1 | Download

Presentation of Local Challenge Observation: Intermodality – Group 2 | Download
Denis GRASSO, Lu LU, Miroslav MATEŠIĆ, Cristina Peña TARANCON, Klára TENKOVÁ

Presentation of Local Challenge Observation: Road Safety – Schools | Download

Presentation of Local Challenge Observation: Road Safety – Pedestrians vs Cyclists | Download
Margarida Coelho, Stojmircho Nikolovski, Marjan Pepovski, Gosia Ratkowska, Rumana Sarker, Olga Slobodova

Key Note | Global Report on Human Settlements 2013 | Download
Udo MBECHE-SMITH | UN-Habitat, Kenya

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