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CIVITAS Study Tour in Nantes: Rethinking Bus Network Design and Operation

Author: Cosimo Chiffi
Posted on: Tuesday, January 13, 2015 - 15:12
Barcelona, Nantes

On Tuesday 24th February 2015 the members of the CIVITAS Thematic Group Collective Passenger Transport will learn from the Nantes experience and debate on how to develop more intelligible, rational and cost-effective bus networks.

Nantes developed the Chronobus Project in order to create a new level of service between the high performance network and the regular bus service. Nantes Métropole and the public transport operator Tan radically redesigned timetables, bus stops, use of bus lanes, local roads and other features to develop a new concept of bus service. Also the city of Barcelona is totally changing its bus network by introducing easy-to-read orthogonal and diagonal routes and other smart solutions (e.g. straighter, more direct routes, more distance between the stops, interchange hubs).

This full-day study tour will showcase the Chronobus project and service in real traffic conditions and present its concept development and key features (timetable, accessibility, visual identity, etc.). Participants will have an insight on some infrastructural elements like bus stop/stations and innovative and flexible use of bus lanes. The study tour will be complemented by a roundtable session in the afternoon with contributions from TMB Barcelona and the 3iBS project.

The study tour is free of charge and open to all collective passenger transport practitioners and professionals. The event is addressed in particular to cities that have planned or are thinking of redesign their bus network.

For a limited number of participants CIVITAS WIKI will co-finance travel and accommodation expenses. Priority will be given to city representatives (up to 2 participants per city). 

For registrations please go to the event page @

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