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CIVITAS Measure Directory

Transferring know-how and lessons learned is at the heart of CIVITAS. This Measure Directory highlights the achievements of the Initiative from 2002-2012 and gives offline access to the details of 663 measures for sustainable urban mobility. 

This publication is intended for cities looking to learn from one another. Technical experts and transport practitioners will benefit from its comprehensive overview of, and introduction to, CIVITAS measures. Published at the end of the third phase of the initiative, it provides short descriptions of all measures implemented during CIVITAS I, II and Plus and is the first hardcopy resource of its kind, incorporating a simple and straightforward means of access through its city/measure matrix. The Directory offers a formidable collection of reference data for future CIVITAS cities and other mobility projects to build on.

The content contained within is sourced from the measure descriptions available online on the CIVITAS website, project reports and feedback from the cities themselves, and fills the gap that occurs when one cannot always be online to access the CIVITAS website. As always, the CIVITAS measures can also be viewed individually online on under the heading “Mobility solutions” and the sub-heading “Exploring mobility solutions".