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CIVITAS Ljubljana website launched!

Author: CIVITAS Support
Posted on: Friday, May 7, 2010 - 17:14
Ljubljana , ELAN

Ljubljana is proud to finally present a new CIVITAS ELAN Ljubljana website, which is active from 8 April, 2010. While the content is in Slovenian visitors are invited to look at the photographs of many events we've organised so far.

The starting point of CIVITAS ELAN is to “put citizens first”, to mobilise our citizens by developing - with their support - clean mobility solutions for vital cities, ensuring health and access for all. Therefore, we have to give them a place and constant opportunity to express their views, opinions, comments and suggestions. And what better place could we find in this IT-era than the World Wide Web?As citizens are mainly interested in CIVITAS ELAN measures that relate to their city, it was necessary to establish a website in the local language. And we did. They can find all important information and news about the CIVITAS ELAN project, CIVITAS initiative, partners, relevant topics and events, concerning mobility, transport, environment, health and other themes. Also, presentations and minutes from workshops, meetings and other events are available online, as well as invitations, press releases and other material for public media.Much effort is put into collecting opinions, which is why we created many “spots” within the website where suggestions can be expressed, e. g. general contact form, button “Initiatives and questions”, forum “What do you think about …?”, opinion poll and blog. Citizens’ knowledge on mentioned topics can be checked by answering quiz questions and they are also offered the chance to subscribe to CIVITAS ELAN e-news.

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