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CIVITAS Forum Conference 2015

07/10/2015 to 09/10/2015

Sharing the City

The 13th edition of the CIVITAS Forum Conference took place in Ljubljana between the 7th and 9th of October 2015. 

The theme of the Conference was “Sharing the city” with a focus on sustainable urban mobility as an important driver to build an accessible and liveable city for all, as well as to constantly improve the quality of urban life.

The discussions and exchanges of experience on how best sharing the physical and social space of the city will significantly contribute to further define and implement innovative, smart and sustainable mobility solutions in European cities and beyond.

Ljubljana, the host city, is the Slovene capital and an active member of the CIVITAS community since 2003. Ljubljana is perceived as a city made to the measure of man. With 280,000 residents, it is classified as a mid-sized European city, yet it succeeds to preserve the friendly and relaxed atmosphere of smaller towns, while providing all the facilities of a modern, vibrant capital. The Conference took place at the Congress Centre Cankarjev dom, in the heart of the city.

The Final Programme of CIVITAS FORUM 2015 is available online.

The Mayor of Ljubljana Mr Zoran Janković often says that Ljubljana is the most beautiful city in the world and he truly believes it. In the last few years, the city implemented many CIVITAS and other mobility measures, as well as infrastructure projects that increased the quality of life for the inhabitants, with new pedestrian areas, green spaces, riverbanks, bridges and squares closed for motorised traffic.

The significant changes towards sustainability that occurred in a relatively short period has brought Ljubljana the title of European Green Capital 2016, the European Mobility Week 2013 Award and many other prizes. 

Mr Zoran Janković thanks all the participants of CIVITAS Conference 2015 for contributing to the success of this year´s Forum.

Experience Ljubljana’s green achievements and share yours with us!


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Country: Slovenia

A. Plenary Session: Reconciling people, places and traffic

B. Session 1: How new trends in bike-sharing can change your city

C. Session 2: Multimodality and travel-planning for your city

D. Session 3: CIVINET National Networks: lessons learnt and success stories

E. Session 4: How open data can improve urban mobility in your city

F. Session 5: How to promote electric mobility in your city

G. Session 6: New schemes for urban freight delivery

H. Session 7: E-busses: new trends, market uptake and future opportunities

I. Session 8: Tools for integrated mobility planning

J. Session 9: CIVINET Slovenia-Croatia session on utility cycling and SAVA bike project

K. Session 10: Implementation of shared space areas in Europe – drivers and barriers

L. Session 11: Policy recommendations from CIVITAS WIKI and CIVITAS CAPITAL

M. Session 12: Local financing schemes for urban mobility planning

N. Session 13: Sustainable urban mobility experiences beyond Europe

O. Session 14: Designing sustainable urban mobility infrastructure

P. Session 15: Implementing mobility management

Q. Session 16: Integrated energy, transport and ICT infrastructure for a more accessible city

R. Session 17: Long-distance travel and urban nodes: latest developments in Europe

S. Session 18: Alternative fuels infrastructure Directive: how cities can influence national authorities in developing their frameworks

T. Pecha-kucha session

U. Session 19: Urban mobility for the next generation

V. Session 20: EU funding opportunities for urban mobility

W. Session 21 : Company Mobility Management training

X. Session 22: Mobility solutions for a more inclusive city

Z. Special programme: Leťs think together; Low carbon future of cities: how to get electrification right?

ZA. Closing Session



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